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MSc Leadership & Change Management

Consultant and Next Generation Leadership Coach

Leadership, Culture and Organizational Transformation
Embodiment and Creative emergence
Consciousness evolution

Hello, I am Alexander Evatt, I coach and speak on Next Generation Leadership. My interest in the systems view of life is a natural expansion of who I am and my conscious upbringing in New Zealand and Finland. I grew up with dance, nature, multi-cultures, and philosophical conversations about life. I did my BA in Helsinki researching Conscious Business models, practices and principles. Recently I completed an MSc in Leadership and Change Management from Amsterdam, researching the new paradigm of business and leadership and how to bridge generations. Taking action on supporting the critical transformations needed in business and leadership, I founded New Direction Ltd 2016. Working with my father we develop the next generation of leaders to lead from within and we support the evolvement of the new paradigm of leadership and business from a whole systems understanding.


Alexander's CV

Next Generation Leadership

Lively and energizing speaker! 

MSc colleague Leadership & Change Management

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Senior Consultant
Wisdom Leadership Mentor

Motivational Speaker

Business Philosopher

Hello, I am Christopher Evatt, a leadership mentor, personal and organizational developer and a UN award winning  authority, creating empowering work cultures that contribute to the world we want to see. I have over forty years of experience in personal development in applying consciousness and deep heart connection understandings as a social and business entrepreneur. I speak at international conferences on my experiences of Inner Leadership and how organizations can contribute to the thriving of people and planet.




Antti-juhani Vihuri, Director
Talentum Media Oy

"Christopher shows how to use all our skills and intelligences to achieve extraordinary results, real peak performance...with less control and less strenuous effort than we ever be fully creative and empowered"

Mika Jahnukainen, Chariman
Systems Group Finland

There are not many who are able to vitalise top executives and organisations. Christopher is truly one of them!

Anne Karumo, International Conference Organizer
Trema Group, France

Christopher is a top-rated and very sought-after speaker who creates a remarkable contact with his audiences. Christopher has original ideas, practical wisdom and experience are at the cutting-edge of business development.

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