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Open the window of your life to your amazing future.

By Christopher Evatt

Have you wondered if there could be more to your life than what you are experiencing?

All of us find ourselves in lives-of-normality having the same thoughts, same expectations, same surroundings, same people, same conversations, same TV shows, and that's how our lives are... largely a repetition of yesterday. And it is hard to imagine how it could possibly any different.

How did this happen? We have consciously and unconsciously absorbed and then become a unique blend of our thoughts and feelings and the thoughts and feelings of those around us. By our twenties this blend has become like a frosted glass window etched with how we expect life and our lives to be.  Our life force, in the form of thoughts, feelings and actions, projects through the glass and creates a living duplicate of our etching that we call our life. Because our life experiences so perfectly match what was etched, we think of our lives as normal and have difficulty imagining they could be different.

Can you imagine your life being different?  That it and you could be more, possibly much more? Then now is the time to open the window on your life. To step forth into the more magnificent life that awaits you.

Here is how.  First, know that life is not limited. The only limit to your life is what you are capable of imagining. Second, to change the etching, existing thoughts and feeling need be replaced. In the same way the cloths you wore as a child were changed to those of an adult. They were not wrong. You just out grew them. You change the etching by imagining how you wish to be. Who you are being will naturally express in what you are doing or are not doing and in what you experience.

Write how you wish to be, this expanded version of you. Write how it feels; how you behave; the kind of thoughts you have; what you say; how you stand and move; how you relate to other people; how you expect your life to be; the work you do; the positive difference you make in your world. Write this in detail. Make drawings. Move and dance to it.  Practice being it until you become it.

One of the Miss Universe 2019 contestants said she was very shy. To not be shy, she took drama classes and gave speeches. She grew in self-confidence and was on stage in front of the world. What I did to overcome shyness was to have my personal assistant book me to talk once or twice a month to service clubs. At my first talk I was so frozen with nervousness I could not see the audience, accept for a man asleep in the front row. I got mad. I got so mad I spoke spoke so forcefully that I woke him up. That was my turning point.

By you becoming the best version of you that you can imagine, life will reflect back to you what you have become. When you see your new self reflected as your life, your life is now your new normal. Enjoy your amazing future. When you are ready, create the next best version of you.  

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