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You want to make a change?

By Christopher Evatt

How to realise your dreams. Do you wonder why your life stays the same even though you really want it to change? Why your New Years resolution has become a forgotten memory by the end of January? Why the weight you wish to lose did not get lost?

Why you are still looking for that ideal job, more income and your deal partner? The intention is there, the need and the desire, but nothing changes.

Here is how to take a mega-leap forward to realising your dreams. It is all about committed action... day after day; day after day. “Can I do that?” you ask.  We all lose our motivation from time to time. We all become discouraged and lose our focus on what we want. That's normal for me and for most of us. However, there are ways to overcome this. You can. This is what you do.

Be very clear about your BIG why: Take your pocket note book . (You absolutely must have one to record your vision, goals, insights and progress.)  Write your VISION and then write ALL the positive outcomes you will experience once your vision has become your reality. How will you feel about yourself? What will your life be like? How will you positively affect the lives of others? What is the positive difference you will make in their lives? This could be your family, friends, community or the planet. For your vision to have real and lasting impact on you, it needs to be more than just you being better off. It has to make a positive impact on others. You knowing this impact allows you to tap into your unlimited source of inspiration and keeps you keeping on no matter what, no matter how lacking in motivation or how discouraged you feel.

Make your vision a burning reality: Here is how you make your vision a burning, inner reality that will take you steadily forward. Think of something you do every day like going to bed, having a shower or getting out of bed. Just before or just after that daily routine, read out loud your vision, with full conviction and full feeling as though your vision has ALREADY happened. For example: “ I AM my perfect weight of  ( …) kilos.”  “ I AM in the most perfect job for me.” “I AM receiving an income (of … amount) per month.”  “I AM with my ideal partner.” To reinforce your vision, as you say this, make a positive body movement. Small or big. You decide. Use the present tense. Do not say “I will...”. This confirms your lack. Your sub-conscious only recognises the present tense.

By linking the confirmation of your vision to a daily routine, daily reinforces your vision and your inspiration. It very quickly becomes a habit. I use my showering routine in the morning to do some mini-exercises. And it works.

Start now. Write in your pocket book. Select the daily routine you will use, and begin today.

In my next blogs you will learn more ways to turn your vision into your reality.

Enjoy life to the full, become the best version of who you are and make your positive difference in your world.

Any questions?  Ask and I will do my best to answer.

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